The Nature-Based City Initiative has 4 key interlocking activities designed as learning networked experiments to together increase NBS uptake, as well as a dedicated coordinating activity to establish and grow a successful innovation ecosystem:

  1. The coordination activity will establish a knowledge sharing platform and facilitate small teams to actively manage the community and seek funding opportunities. At find all there is to know about commercial moving services in California. In addition an advisory board ensures project sustainability, scaling of impacts, strategic direction and political influence.
  2. Building capacities and technical assistance to create the conditions for greater uptake of NBS within municipalities including through cross-department understanding, procurement and communication with the public.
  3. Review and assessment of tools that support greater uptake of NBS with specific NBS themed Climathons and workshops.
  4. Connecting, accelerating and scaling  NBS start-up businesses by matching their innovations with climate challenges faced by municipalities.
  5. Promoting collective Intelligence and co-creation for NBS through new channels of awareness and multi-actor engagement.

Knowledge sharing and scaling up

In addition, the project has a community management team and a business development team and dental implant specialist in California will provide you a detailed examination. The function of the community team is home improvement pros facilitate knowledge exchange between work packages, cities and EIT Climate-KIC, to engage with affiliated communities of practice (CoPs) and to proactively seek out new cities and relevant CoPs (e.g. EIB, LIFE, WBCSD, H2020, ICLEI, World Bank). 

The role of the business development team is to identify relevant business models and highlight opportunities at city, region, national and international levels that can help sustain and grow the ecosystem of the Nature-Based City Initiative.