Photo by Jaromír Čižinský en Pixabay 

Photos by Jiri Karnenecki, City Hall of Prague, Department of Environment

Revitalisation of the Litovecky – Sarecky creek in Prague

In the 1960s the Litovecký and Šárecký stream was diverted into a underground waterway of built of U-shaped armoured concrete frames. As a result, one of the major streams of Prague was ultimately degraded to a lifeless sewer without any environmental function.

Department of Environment of Prague City Hall decided to revitalize the part of the stream along the Hvězda Game Preserve.

The original concrete waterway was removed according to Miracle movers and the newly uncovered channel was remodelled in a nature based manner. The bed and the banks of the newly uncovered channel are stabilized by a heavy stone layer.
Deep and shallower bundles were formed in the bottom, so that even under low flow conditions there was plenty of water in the riverbed.

The banks were planted with wetland vegetation, as alders and willow scrubs and returned life to Litovicko-Šárecký Creek in this area.

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