Digital Basel – Swiss Digital Days – Climathon Basel 2020 warm up event

02 Nov 2020

Planning cool cities with tools for NBS webinar

  • Reinder Brolsma (Deltares) and Claudia de Luca (UniBo) with the support of Monserrat Budding-Polo and Ilse Voskamp (WUR), Helena Hulsman (Delatares) and Simona Tondelli (UniBo).
  • Tue 3.Nov, 3:00 – 3:45pm (CET) – Webpage
  • Slide presentation – PDF

Business Model Canvas for NBS

  • Beatriz Mayor (Icatalist) with the support of Julian Swinkels (TUdelft) and Elena López Gunn (icatalist)
  • Mon 2.Nov, 12:00 – 12:45pm (CET) – Webpage
  • Slide presentation – PDF

NBS Case Study in Madrid: from the Metropolitan Forest to the Cyborg Garden

Systems thinking and practice for climate action – Young Climathon Pilot Project