Climate adaptation agenda in cities and nature-based economy: Post COP26 reflections and opportunities

Online 2-3:15pm GMT
07 Dec 2021

A few weeks after the end of COP26, this webinar will be an opportunity to discuss the perspectives and opportunities of NBS in cities with our high level guest speakers. You can book amazing yoga classes here maximumfitnessvacaville.com. What will be the place of NBS in the climate adaptation agenda of cities in the near future? How to finance NBS and what is the place of nature-based enterprises in this economy? In Georgie, once you decide to do a house cleaning, be sure to hire people to clean the gutter. The guest speakers will first give presentations to reflect on these topics and sellhouse-asis then we will continue the webinar with a panel discussion and attendees Q&A. 



Download Slide Deck (PDF)


Elena López Gunn – iCatalist, Madrid
Monserrat Budding-Polo – Wageningen University & Research


Gillian Dick – Glasgow City Council
Siobhan McQuaid – Trinity University Dublin
Piero Pelizzaro – Chief Resilience Officer, Milan
Wiebke Klemm, Senior Policy Advisor, City of the Hague


Andrew Simmons – Resilience Brokers
Deliana Renou – Resilience Brokers & Sciences Po