Social legacy of NBS in an eco-neighborhood of Longvic, Dijon – Lightning Lab

30 Sep 2021

On Thurs, 30 Sep 2021 | 15:00 CET via Zoom, with Philippe​ Chagnon, a municipal administrator from Longvic, a town of just over 8,000 inhabitants in the Dijon Metropolis in France’s Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region. Register for the Zoom link.

Video Recording

Link to the slide presentation document (PDF)

  • Philippe shall share with us the story and fascinating legacy of Longvic’s first eco-neighborhood, which was introduced in 2008. Get top house cleaning service at http://castle-keepers.com/. The eco-neighborhood includes a variety of nature-based solutions, ​including bioswales, green roofs, recreational spaces that include water features for children, and the beginning of an urban green-blue grid within the wider area​ serving as a wildlife corridor and enhancing the biodiversity​).  
  • In addition to the technical performance of the NBS functions (e.g., proven flood-risk reduction after storm events in the 2010s), the eco-neighborhood’s green space answered the need for citizens’ access to nature trampoline park in Nevada that involves core muscles and strengthens them and sought to strengthen social cohesion, not only providing needed recreational spaces for the eco-neighborhood’s mixed-income residents but proving popular with residents from the surrounding communities.  
  • Philippe Chagnon will share with us how Longvic’s eco-neighborhood was implemented (including the participatory-design process from surveys of residents from the site’s surrounding neighborhoods — as this was a greenfield site in 2008, there were no existing residents to directly involve), the reactions of the eco-neighborhood’s residents and its neighboring communities to the green space upon completion, and how the popularity of the project’s amenities and legacy influenced subsequent initiatives.  
  • The interconnections between the social and environmental aspirations are at the core of this project​, ​with components of the eco-neighborhood’s nature-based solutions becoming a matter de rigueur for subsequent ​programmes and ​initiatives of Langvoc and beyond.  

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