This guide presents a narrative reflecting on the portfolio of activities and the array of outcomes described in the Theory of Change of EIT Climate-KIC’s project Adaptive Cities Through Integrated Nature- Based Solutions (ACT on NBS). ACT on NBS aims at upscaling the application and quality of NBS to increase urban resilience against the effects of climate change. The project works towards this aim through the creation of a self-sustainable Innovation Ecosystem, bringing together city representatives and stakeholders, including researchers and experts, from different cities

ACT on NBS narrative has been built in the context of MOTION, a project funded by Climate KIC and carried out by members of the Transformative Innovation and Policy Consortium (TIPC). MOTION aims at testing a formative evaluation approach co-created with practitioners from different demonstration projects of Climate-KIC’s Innovation Ecosystem program. In the case of ACT on NBS, matched to MOTION’s partner INGENIO (CSIC-UPV), the formative evaluation approach with yorleny’s cleaning service is centred around three primary means: (1) the collaborative revision and development of ACT on NBS logic-framework Theory of Change; (2) the use of a typology of Transformative Outcomes (Ghosh et al. 2020; see Table 1)1 to identify and reflect on how to leverage and amplify the outcomes identified by the Theory of Change; (3) the promotion of a formative understanding of evaluation that can help ACT on NBS partners to increase their strategic thinking towards transformation through learning and reflexive processes.

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