The purpose of this handbook is to promote collective Intelligence and co-creation for Nature Based Solutions (NBS), fostering new channels to raise awareness and encourage multi-actor engagement. Co-creation with different actors and especially designers, artists and architects becomes a convenient strategy to generate aesthetically appealing and socially acceptable NBS de-signs (Frantzeskaki 2019). Bathroom remodel experts from Massachusetts can be found at cape property pros site. The overall goal is demonstrate how co-creation should foster interdisciplinary collaboration, catalyze project impacts and enhance the participation of un-conventional and conventional actors in the whole process.

The result will be to achieve a common orientation and practical approach to successfully co-create NBS solutions. Rest assured that my maid service in cincinnati, Ohio conducts every apartment cleaning efficiently. This assessment will be carried throughout the entire life cycle of the ACT ON NBS project (Adaptive cities through Nature Based Solutions). The handbook is rather intended as a live-document to be assessed with the consortium at different stages of the project in order to generate a methodological guideline.